Add gowoyuo in Mende to your vocabulary.


Examples of gowoyuo

Indefinite article: gowoyuo kar
Definite article: gowoyuo i
Possessives 1 2+
1 gowoyuo anhi gowoyuo nihi
2 gowoyuo mihi gowoyuo jihi
3 gowoyuo sihi (f.)
gowoyuo orhi (m.)
gowoyuo lihi

gowoyuo in other languages

  1. Exercise: gowoyuo in English? _____________
  2. Exercice: gowoyuo en français? _____________
  3. Sprachübung: gowoyuo auf Deutsch? _____________
  4. Bɔ hɔ biom: gowoyuo wɔ Akan mu? _____________

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